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In the world’s best-resourced country, there is no reason we cannot guarantee a world-class education to every student in every community. The world’s leading educators challenge and prepare students to learn at extraordinary levels that pull their wildest dreams within reach. We’re helping bold school systems build on strengths to accelerate that kind of opportunity today.

Leading Educators is reinventing professional development for educators, transforming schools into equity-centered environments where teachers have strong opportunities to learn and practice, in collaboration with others, to bring engaging lessons to life. When we invest in educators, and empower them to lead other educators, we ignite exponential impact across entire school systems, ensuring consistently excellent teaching for every student in every classroom, day after day, year after year.

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We’re all in this together. Learn how you can take action today to make equitable education the norm.

Be part of an education system that works for every student.

More than half of K-12 students are not ready for their next step because we haven’t given them the opportunity to learn to their fullest potential. Together, we can eradicate inequity and reach brighter days.

Join our team. We're looking for tenacious, justice-oriented, creative individuals to join the movement to improve teaching and learning.

Opportunity starts with you. Make a difference today by providing the supports for every student to thrive in college, career, and life.