They take a lot of ownership. They’re not just partners who show up and do their sessions and that’s that.
They’ve been great thought partners over the years; when they work with schools, they take an expansive sense of responsibility. They see their work as a key lever for holistic school improvement, not just in isolation.”
— DC Public Schools Leader

Partners from Our Learning Journey

ATLAS Aurora, Co

We conducted a needs assessment of Aurora Public Schools' professional development and teacher leadership strategy in 2016. By summer of 2017, Leading Educators and the district launched the inaugural cohort of the “Advancing Teacher Leadership in Aurora Schools” (ATLAS) program.

During this first year, ATLAS operated in 10 district schools with 60 teacher leaders who led content-alike teams of their peers. Under district leadership, future iterations of the program will scale to include each of the district’s 60 schools, reaching over 39,000 students and nearly 2,000 teachers. The ATLAS program is a key component  of the district’s plan to empower school-based leaders to lead professional development  as they make the transition to rigorous college and career readiness standards.

Kansas City FellowshiP

We launched our first expansion region in Kansas City in 2011. Through the partnership of the Kauffman Foundation, the Hall Family Foundation, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation, as well as others, the Kansas City program served over 140 teachers leaders in three school districts and over a dozen area charter schools during a 6 year engagement.

DC LEAP-2017-0723.jpg

District of Columbia Public Schools

We began our partnership with DC Public Schools (DCPS) in 2013 as part of Teacher Leadership Innovation - a teams-based, instruction-focused pilot program that operated in seven schools. The partnership evolved into the “LEarning together to Advance our Practice” (LEAP) initiative that continues in all 115 of the district’s schools.

Through LEAP, DCPS has prioritized elevating instruction across the entire school system, building both the capacity of teachers to lead changes in the quality of teaching that takes place in their school, and the capacity of DCPS to embed and sustain this work in alignment with other initiatives. By the second year of the program, we worked with DCPS to train about 600 teacher, school, and district leaders who will impact over 48,000 students each year.

Memphis Fellowship

We launched our fourth Fellowship program in Memphis, Tennessee in 2014. Over the next two and a half years, Leading Educators grew to serve more than 45 Teacher Leaders in 24 public and charter schools with the support of the Memphis Education Fund, the Fleetwood Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation.  We trained and coached educational leaders to lead their peers in cyclical instructional learning and coaching aligned to rigorous standards.

Washington, DC Fellowship

With support from NewSchools Venture Fund and DC Public Schools (DCPS), Leading Educators launched an individual teacher leadership fellowship program in Washington, D.C. in June 2013. Over the course of four years, Leading Educators partnered with 38 open-enrollment public charter schools and a small portfolio of DC Public Schools (DCPS) to train and coach over 100 teacher leaders in adult learning and rigorous standards-aligned instruction.

Strategic Support Initiatives

Academy for Urban School Leadership

Beginning in 2014, we partnered with AUSL Chicago to deliver trainings for school and teacher leaders working together to drive new initiatives within their schools. Leading Educators also provided leadership development sessions for network coaches and Mentor Residency Coaches who support educators across AUSL schools.

Denver Public Schools

Beginning in 2013, we worked with Denver Public Schools (DPS) to deliver a series of trainings for DPS-identified teacher leaders in new, differentiated roles and developed cohort-building activities during year one of the district’s Teacher Leader Teams pilot.

Houston Independent School District

In 2012, we partnered with Houston Independent School District (HISD) and TNTP (formerly The New Teacher Project) in the Career Pathways Initiative. Leading Educators delivered a series of foundational and role-specific trainings, developed a customized series of problem solving communities, and trained internal HISD staff on delivering Leading Educators’ content to teacher leaders.

Lawrence, Ma Public Schools

In 2014, we worked with Lawrence Public Schools to deliver a series of professional development sessions for Advanced Educators, who serve in model classroom roles, and Master Educators, who provide coaching and support to drive school-wide initiatives.

Michigan Teacher Corps

Together with the Michigan Department of Education, Leading Educators and TNTP partnered with a portfolio of priority schools with significant pipeline needs to recruit, select, support, and retain highly skilled teams of educators and leaders.