It’s on us to disrupt the opportunity crisis.

Despite spending about 1,200 hours in school per year and doing what is asked of them, most students are not academically on track for college and career. Students of color and students from households with less wealth are furthest behind because they rarely have consistent access to grade appropriate and inclusive learning.

  • TNTP found that of the 180 classroom hours in each core subject per school year, students spent 133 hours on assignments that were not grade appropriate. 

  • Compared to classrooms containing mostly students of color, classrooms with mostly white students tend to receive 1.5 times more grade-appropriate assignments and 3.6X more grade-appropriate lessons. 

  • Black students are 66 percent less likely than white students to be put on “gifted” tracks, even when they have comparable test scores.

We can make excellent and equitable teaching the norm.

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Leading Educators partners with school system leaders to provide job-embedded professional learning opportunities for teachers that support them to make instructional choices that advance equity.

  • We the build capacity of leaders at all levels of a school system to design, implement, and refine structures for continuous improvements in teaching over time.

  • School and system leaders work with our teams to strengthen the key conditions and cultural priorities that help teachers and students grow over time while we also provide direct professional learning supports to teams of school-based content leaders.

  • This approach connects the power of a coherent vision for instructional excellence with the expertise and influence of teachers to provide learning experiences that meet every student where they are every day.

Our Reach

In the 2018-19 school year, we worked with 172 schools and 15 systems to support 645 teacher leaders and 192 school leaders, impacting 2,807 teachers and 67,387 students. Since 2008, we have worked with more than 2,000 teacher leaders across the country.

96% of Leading Educators Alumni who responded to an annual survey have remained in education.