In my 19 years as an educator, I have seen my fair share of district-wide professional development initiatives. I’m proud to say that LEAP is far and away the best PD program I’ve ever seen. We care so much about our students, and LEAP has given us the tools we need to help them excel.”
— Arthur Mola, Principal at Bancroft Elementary School

Learning for Life

An excellent education doesn’t just mean students earn high test scores. It readies students to grasp their ambitions, live healthy lives, and build deep connections with their communities. We can ensure every student has opportunities to thrive by maximizing the most important factor in their learning - teaching.

We Help Schools Systems Achieve a Coherent Instructional Approach

Students and teachers reach their best when leaders steward a coherent instructional approach. Coherent systems align quality curricular materials and assessments, supports for continuous improvements in instruction, time for meaningful collaboration, and other resources to help teachers create excellent and equitable learning every day.

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How It Works

We help education leaders build sustainable environments where teachers and students thrive, providing the:

  • time for teachers to lead and learn,

  • tools they need to teach every student to high levels, and 

  • support to focus on the initiatives that matter most.

Our strategy centers equity, recognizing that equity is not only a mindset but an active practice that lives in the instructional choices educators make every day. We challenge educators to identify and work through implicit biases that shape expectations for students’ abilities, so teachers can create classrooms where every student has an equal opportunity to learn and grow.

After we help districts build strong conditions, we work with teams of teachers, teacher leaders, and other school-based instructional leaders to develop key knowledge and skills for instructional improvement. Those educators use what they’ve learned to lead regular school-based planning and practice, both through direct facilitation and modeling strong, grade-appropriate teaching for peers.

We customize each partnership to the specific strength the district and its schools, building on those strengths with strong research and tried-and-true components to our approach. We draw from evidence-based teaching and professional learning methods that have worked in the world’s most effective education systems so educators stay on the cutting edge of practices that work for every student.

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