In my 19 years as an educator, I have seen my fair share of district-wide professional development initiatives. I’m proud to say that LEAP is far and away the best PD program I’ve ever seen. We care so much about our students, and LEAP has given us the tools we need to help them excel.”
— Arthur Mola, Principal at Bancroft Elementary School

We Believe All Students Deserve Great Teaching at Every Grade Level

In many underserved communities across America, schools are striving, but sometimes struggling, to close opportunity gaps that put their students at a disadvantage. Leaders in these schools have the passion and the will to overcome the challenges they face, but they want support helping teachers make the instructional decisions needed to ignite the potential in every child. That’s why we’re here.  

We Put Professional Learning Where it Belongs: In Schools

  • After we help districts build strong conditions, we work with teams of teachers to provide the learning and support they need to be most effective and impactful in their jobs. Those educators then share what they’ve learned with other educators, both by modeling strong, grade-appropriate teaching and by acting as a coach to their peers. That’s how we help scale exceptional teaching across schools and districts.

  • Although we have a tried-and-true approach, we customize each partnership to the specific needs of the district and its schools.

  • Teachers can only teach what they themselves understand. That’s why we work with teacher leaders to master the content that students need to learn at every grade. Those teacher leaders then work with other teachers in their schools to ensure the content is taught effectively in every classroom.

  • We use teaching and professional learning methods that have been proven to work in the world’s most effective education systems.

  • Our work is rooted in social justice. Our partnerships always include training to identify and overcome the implicit biases that contribute to educational inequity, so teachers can create classrooms where every student has an equal opportunity to learn and grow.

“They take a lot of ownership. They’re not just
partners who show up and do their sessions and
that’s that. They’ve been great thought partners over the years; when they work with schools, they take an expansive sense of responsibility. They see their work as a key lever for holistic school improvement, not just in isolation.”
— DC Public Schools District Leader